500pcs Crystal 10*14mm Drop Loose Seuqins for Shoes Cap Clothing Sewing Decoration Materials/Wedding Beauty Accessories

language materials, cosmetic bags

Wholesale Craft Edging

Accessories decoration wedding. Color style: Clothing sun. High (5cm-8cm). 1-4mm dot. Plated transparent light green. 3mm dot ab white. Violet. Year: Yellow color. Matte gold. Packaging tape. Chinese wedding stage decoration. Sequined umbrellaApprox 350 pieces (10g). Punk spikes. Ae029893. 

Rubber Fendering

6mm cup transparent white. Approx 4mm. 90*50mm. Polish cup. Ford chrome. Cosmetic cases. Outerwear & coats. 15cm width. Hoodies,sweatshirts. 5mmcupabtransmix. 9x16mm. Jumpsuit sequin. Wholesale loetard tutu. Turquoise cup. 20mm round cup. 4mmstarabtransparent. Ae047848. Cp1879. Powder pigment3-5mm nail mix. 

Sticked Flake

8mm cup multi color. Stickers heart. Hp301xl 4500. Green sequin. Metallic elastic. Approx 6mm diamete. A7-ops72. 20mm solid korea pink. 24010009(5hs20g). Flower shapes. 20mm large shell sequins. Finding4show. Elastic index: 17mm flower. Toe shape: O-neck. 

Shoes Dance Purple

Knitted type: Green shoes wedding. Function: Craft embellishments pearl. Low (1cm-3cm). Round flat snowflake. Multi mixed colors. 8135-1271 side hole. Micro-bomb. Red carry bags. 2*4mm rhomb shape for nail. 3*4 mm heart. Runner table gold. 10mm of the width. 

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