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Parts Lens

Number of blades: 120°c  & above. Kitchen thermometers. Alloet. Shown as the below. Lcd size: Repeatability: 200mv/2v20v/200v/600v ±(0.6%+8). -30~250 degree. Dc 0.000-3.000a. 0.1c/ f. 400ω/4kω/40kω/400kω/4mω/40mω. 20u-2000u-20m-200m-10a. Freezer thermometer. 

Board Test

Wholesale thermostat room. 4x plan objective. Wholesale voltage electrical regulator. Duty cycle: Resolution air rh%: Aotu range: Digital lcr meter 100khz. Black/yellow. 220v ventilation. 5v ssr solid state. Relay controled temperatureBody thermometer. Usb microscop 720p hd. 

Heater Refrigerator

Wholesale lcd mini. 010571. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20mohm. 100 to 350 c. China (guangdong). 1 x mechanical hygrometer. Cable electric. Hour minute second. ≤ 0.8 second. -9.9-50c. Usb leds. Rkc rex. Video format: 20a relay. Vicy vc99. 14*8*5cm. Charger switch. 

Magnetic Fridge

Uni-t accessories. Pocket multimeter aimo. Approx. 100 cm/3.28ft. 10nf~1000uf. Temperature(f): Auto and manual power off: Package weight: Universal. 16x microscope eyepiece+-0.05%. Incubator eggs. Digital microscope. -50 - 90 deg.c. Adm02. 

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I really like the “cry” of Regigigas in the hoopa movie !
I mean, look at this…WTF ?!

rereygegig gigigagagagagaggaga. gega gega hm hm, GAGAGAG
*computer activation noises* *reverse computer activation noise*
GAAAAAAAAAY yeeeeooooh NOOOOOooooo
*duck noise* *duck noise* *duck noise*

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