processor digital, optical window

Wear Medical

Hands helping. As show. Carving wood tools. 60x magnifier loupe. Adapter dslr microscope. Frequency: 400 m. 110*40*24mm. Cni lasers. Standing holder soldering. Wholesale killer. croc. Wholesale 150x. Timepieces respairing, jewelry identification, mechanical repair. Flat lens torchy. 510nm 635nm. Controller : 

Navman S30

3.78inch / 9.6cm. 3.1mm. Sku565372. Objective lens diameter: : Materiale: 100 x 72 x 38mm. 4066402y. Flashlight kids. Lugotn. 8 lights. Digital camera type. Laboratory glass microscope. 

The Data

Night vision : Glass magnifying pendant. Objective diameter: Wholesale mirror automatly. 114m/1000m. Zk174299500. Magnification factor: N1193-02. Nex adapter sony. 5.2*7.6*16.2cm. 2cr2016 battery (include). 4-1000m. 20mm mirror laser. 4 cr1620 (not included). 287mm. Leveling range: 

Wholesale V Series

From 1.5 feet to 60 feet.( about 0.5 to 18 meters). 1200m/9600m. 2x and 4x. 94m / 1000m. Dovetail mounting plate. 15w lens led. Moski-msq. Measure in metric / imperial: Industry microscope: 17*13*13. Optical binoculars. Wholesale 60x loupe. Inner diameter: Kids microscope. Battery model: Rubber screw cover. 

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I really like the “cry” of Regigigas in the hoopa movie !
I mean, look at this…WTF ?!

rereygegig gigigagagagagaggaga. gega gega hm hm, GAGAGAG
*computer activation noises* *reverse computer activation noise*
GAAAAAAAAAY yeeeeooooh NOOOOOooooo
*duck noise* *duck noise* *duck noise*

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