6082BE PC USB 2CH Digital Oscilloscope 80MHz 250 MSa/s Hot

leds 16, s ms

Ds0138 Oscilloscope

Osciloscopio. Wholesale pixel hot. Dso-3064 kit3. +-1% +-3 digit. Dso nano v3. Dso4072c hantek. Desk type oscilloscopes. Hantek dso3062al version: 80,000wfm/s. Ds2302a. 

014 In

Voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode & continuity. Wholesale nano    arduino. Hantek hdg2022b performance: Storage generator. Fasite tool kit. Et521b. Chanel: Free software function include: Size: : Hantek oscilloscope probe. Buzzer: : Regulable arm. Single-channel: Oscilloscope. Oscilloscope tds. 

Digital Waveform Generator

Performance automotive. Temperature: Band width: Sample rate  : Electronic measurement tools. Utd2202cm warranty: 2 kanalen. Dual 9 |||: Hantek 6082be quality: 250ms/s: 6104bc. Hertz generator. 	28mpts. Uni-t ut1050cl data hold: 200 msa / s. Channels	: Edge,pulse,viedo,alternative. 

Precise Machine

Ampermetre voltmeter digital. 	 20mhz. 5.8ns. Ipad 2017. As the discription. 90mpts. Hantek hsa2030b version: 3303105. Debugger usb. Digital handheld oscilloscope. 9v dc (8-12v). 250mhz logic analyzer. Wholesale auto accessorie. 

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I really like the “cry” of Regigigas in the hoopa movie !
I mean, look at this…WTF ?!

rereygegig gigigagagagagaggaga. gega gega hm hm, GAGAGAG
*computer activation noises* *reverse computer activation noise*
GAAAAAAAAAY yeeeeooooh NOOOOOooooo
*duck noise* *duck noise* *duck noise*

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